We aspire to

Lead the R+D+i New Foodstuffs and Beverages with medicinal mushrooms Sector,
promoting our patents worldwide

Ganobrands's Superfoods and Superbeverages / Reishi Elixir, Lacteoblazei and Ganoliva

Researching, Development and Innovation in new foodstuffs and beverages with medicinal mushrooms. We have launched to the market three patents of new funtional foods and beverages. Medicinal mushroom´s Importer and Buyer.

Reishi Elixir

Reishi Elixir merge the Red Wine with the Reishi mushroom, one of the most interesting foodstuffs in the nature. The result is a beverage that will surprise to Wine´s and Reishi´s lovers.



The Umami Cheese. Cured raw ewe milk Cheese with Blazei champignon. This year we will compete in World Cheese Awards 2016, S.Sebastián, Spain.



Sauce of Reishi and Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The merge of two culinary treasures.


Powders and Extracts

We import and select the best Reishi and others medicinaal mushrooms.

New products + Eco

We select winery, cheese factory and oil mill for the new products. We select eco winery, eco cheese factory and eci oil mill too, for the new eco products.

Wine Festival

Ganobrands organize and sponsor the Wine Festival 2017, biannual festival that wants to be the main musical event in wine culture in Spain. Wine Festival will be the festival of people that enjoy the music with wine.